Tutorial You will be a woman soon (OST Pulp Fiction) on a single guitar string

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Hello, dear friends! Have you ever seen the “Pulp Fiction” movie? Ask this question, because I prepared for you tabs “You will be a woman soon” on a single string – this song is from “Pulp Fiction”… Giirl… tun-tun-tuuun-tun… You’ll be a wooman… soon… 🙂

how it sounds?

play on the «D» string
(in parentheses play on «A» string)

2–3–5–7– (3) – (3) –0
2–3–5–7– (3) – (3) –0

If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs

Do you like this movie? It is 8,9 rated of 10 by the IMDb rating – that is very high index! As for me, this movie is quite good, I want to watch this again. Maybe, tomorrow… 🙂

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