Easy one string guitar songs and tabs

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The most popular songs

80-th and 90-th

Shazam’s TOP-100 list USA

Songs from movies on a single string

Hello, dear! I decided to collect all easy one string guitar songs and tabs on this one page. I’m glad to present it to you.

I will try to add a new tabs for popular melodies (songs) every week. Each tutorial contains:

  1. Tabs for one (single?) string;
  2. A record how the melody sounds.

Why do this tutorials need? Someone might say that they are “uninteresting”, but I think that melodies on one (single?) string are very useful for beginners, because:

  1. Melodies on 1 string can motivate you as a guitarist.
  2. Melodies on one string develop your able to “hear” music.
    Due to the fact that we constantly use one string, we are getting used to its sounding in different frets. After a while you will learn to distinguish the frets by the sound of the string.
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