Michael Jackson – Billie Jean on a Single Guitar String + Tabs

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This song also included in “Greatest of all time HOT 100 songs” list by https://www.billboard.com. Strange that I did not add it before but I do it now: tabs for Michael Jackson – Billie Jean on a single string. But I will use 2 different strings in tabs…

how it sounds?

play on the low «E» string
(in parentheses play on the “A” string)

(2) – 2 – (0-2-0) – 2-0-2
(2) – 2 – (0-2-0) – 2-0-2

If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs

I will add a new tabs for “Smooth Criminal” in near future (maybe, most likely, not exactly) 😀

But now I ask you to share your impressions about this one. Please, help me to understand do you like my tabs or not! Leave comments, vote for tabs, contact with me anyway! Thanks!