Tutorial BTS – Fake Love on a single guitar string

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Here I show you tabs how to play BTS – Fake Love on a single guitar string. I heard this song about 2 days ago at first and someone asked me to make tabs, so I decided to do that.

how it sounds?

play on the high «e» string


If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs

Do you like my tabs? Please write in comments and communicate with me 🙂 I want to know which songs I have to make tabs for 🙂

One thought on “Tutorial BTS – Fake Love on a single guitar string

  1. Thank you for making this website!
    I got a guitar but there’s only 3 strings left,haha
    Even though it’s not much but i still got a little fun when playing it!
    Do you take a song request?
    If you do can you make this song to?
    “Tokyo ghoul Unravel”
    It’s okay if you don’t accept song request, But!
    you should check the song out!
    It’s really good,
    When i buy a new strings,that will be the first song that i want to learn haha

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