Tutorial Bellini — Samba De Janeiro on a single guitar string

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Hello! In this page I will show you tabs for the song which everybody hears. This song are often playing on soccer games in the stadiums ets… So, allow me: Bellini – Samba De Janeiro on a single string – please hear how it sounds and you will understand what the song it is.

how it sounds?

play on the «B» string
in round brackets play on the «G» string

high “e” string : 0—5—3-5-7—3—0—0—5—0
“B” string: 3—1-3-5—1-(2)
high “e” string: 5—8—5-5-3-5-7—3-5

If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs


Do you know this song? I think it sounds very interesting: it’s cheerful and funny such as I am (but it is not exactly) 🙂

Please leave comments and vote for this tabs. Thanks!

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