The Cranberries (Bad Wolves) – Zombie on a Single Guitar String + Tabs

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Hello everyone! Now I want to add a new tabs for the song which is in TOP-100 list of Shazam in USA. This song is a Bad Wolves’s cover for the “The Cranberries – Zombie”. Both this songs sound similar (playing the guitar), so this tabs will be called so “The Cranberries (Bad Wolves) – Zombie on a single string“.

how it sounds?

play on the high «e» string


If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs

RIP Dolores o Riordan… I like many of her songs, especially in The Cranberries band. It is on of the few bands in which concert I would like to go…

Have you seen the movie of Bad Wolves’es cover? That is very nice, look at it!