G Guitar Chord – How to Play, Chart, Tutorial

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G Guitar Chord (G Minor) usually studied in pairs with the C chord because these 2 chords usually go one after another in songs – if there is the G chord in song, so be ready to see the C chord after. That is not always but very often.

G Chord Chart

how the G chord chart looks like
g chord chart

for the first time it may be a bit difficult to put your fingers correctly…

How we have to take G guitar chord? We have to

  • put our index finger on the 5th A string of the 2nd fret;
  • put our middle finger on the 6th E string of the 3rd fret;
  • put our ring finger on the 1st e string of the 3rd fret.

It should look something like this:

g guitar chord
For the first time it may seems VERY difficult, but actually it is not. The most difficult chord for beginners will be later, that’s F chord 🙂

I made a little tutorial which helps you to take this chord correctly: