Easy Guitar Chords for Beginners

Hello! In this page I show you easy basic guitar chords for beginners and explain why they need to be taught. I made full tutorials about main chords which each guitarist should know.

The main 6 chords for beginners: Am, Dm, E, C, G, A.

Am Chord

аккорд Am

Dm Chord

аккорд Dm


аккорд E

C Chord

аккорд C

G Chord

аккорд G

A Chord

аккорд A

A bit more chords you should know to play 90% of songs: Em, H7 (B7), D and F (the most difficult).


Em Chord

EM Chord

D Chord

D Chord

Em Chord

H7 (B7) Chord

D Chord

F Chord

If you know these 10 guitar Chords, you can play 90% of easy guitar songs. At the end of this page you find more chords which may be useful.

What are chords for?

Chords show us how to put our hands correctly on the fretboard of a guitar. Every chord has its own sound and you can play music by changing the chords in sequence.

For example you can find rly many songs which you can play changing 3-4 chords only. Usually this songs have Am, Dm and E chords but if you will learn more C, G, A, D, H7 (B7), Em and F chords then you can play 90-95% of easy guitar songs.

in many songs tutorials look like this

am and dm guitar chords
If you know the chords above (Em, D, E, Am, A) then you can easily play this song.

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