Am Guitar Chord – How to Play, Chart, Tutorial

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Am Guitar Chord (A minor) is the first chord which you should learn. As many guitarists says Am, Dm and E chords are the most important chords which every guitarist must know. So let’s learn how to play this chord.

AM Chord Chart

Let’s see how the AM chord chart looks like

am chord chart

How we have to play Am chord? We have to:

  • put our index finger on the 2nd B string of the 1st fret;
  • put our middle finger on the 4th D string of the 2nd fret;
  • put our ring finger on the 3rd D string of the 2nd fret.

It should look something like this:

am guitar chord
If this is the first chord you ever learn, so maybe you have problems 🙂 I made a short movie-tutorial for this chord, so it will helps you!