Lesson AC/DC – T.N.T. on One Guitar String + Tabs

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Here I show you tabs how to play the main riff of AC/DC – T.N.T. on a single guitar string. Recently I’ve bought a car and I started to listen songs like this bcs it sounds great in car 🙂

watch the video how it is played and sounds

now look at tabs for AC/DC – T.N.T. on one string

AC/DC - T.N.T. tabs for one string

If u don’t understand, please read: how to understand single string tabs

It’s very easy and simple! I think you can learn it in 5 minutes. We use only the D-string 🙂
Do you like my tabs? Please write in comments and communicate with me 🙂 I want to know which songs I have to make tabs for 🙂